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Fort Ayurveda offers a range of programmes to rejuvenate and restore balance to the mind and body.The general health condition and body nature of individuals determine their specific treatment .This is determined by our doctor and may be different from person to person.

Apart from the packages listed here we offer tailor made treatments for different diseases like arthritis, sleeplessness etc. the treatments and duration shall be prescribed after consultation with the doctor.

We have used the Sanskrit Ayurvedic terms for the treatments mentioned below. The short glossary will help you to understand the treatments.

  • Abhyanga - Traditional full body massage
  • Kizhi - Herbal poultice / bolus massage
  • Lepam - application of herbal paste.
  • Nasyam – nasal infusion
  • Njavarakizhi - Rice bundle massage
  • Pichu - application of oil pack over affected area
  • Pizhichil - Medicated oil bath
  • Sirodhara - Rhythmic pouring of warm medicated oil on the forehead
  • Sirolepam - Application of herbal paste on the region of the head
  • Sirovasti - Retaining medicated oil on the head
  • Thakradhara - Rhythmic pouring of medicated buttermilk on the forehead
  • Udwartana - massage with herbal powder
  • Vasti - Medicated enema
  • Virechana – purgation


The Rejuvenation Programme is designed to improve health, cure mild aches, pains and disorders and bring about a blissful feeling of youthfulness. Rasayana treatments help to arrest the process of ageing and regain youthfulness.

The package includes Abhyanga, Kizhi, steambath, Virechana, Nasya, Sirodhara or Thakradhara, Pizhichil or Njavarakizhi and Vasti.

Duration : 7 days

Duration : 14 days

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The Ultimate Detoxification Programme - This package makes use of the renowned ‘Panchakarma” in ayurveda. Pancha means five and karma means actions or procedures. The package include Abhyanga, Kizhi , steam bath, Virechana, Nasya , Sirodhara / Takradhara, Nasyam, Kizhi, and Vasti.

The Panchakarma treatment has been tried and tested for thousands of years with fantastic results. It is a systematic cleansing procedure that eliminates accumulated metabolic toxins from the deeper tissues and organs. The 14 day detox programme involves an in-depth consultation to identify your body type namely Vatha, Pitta or Kapha and other health issues. This is followed by a schedule of detoxifying Ayurvedic therapies suitable for you.

The programme is individually tailored to suit your present health requirements to cleanse, strengthen and keep diseases away. The different stages of the Panchakarma treatment may be as below:

Stage 1 Preparation and Oilation - this involves a specific diet and intake of specific herbal remedies and oils combined with massages and steam to dislodge the toxins from deeper tissues taking them to the digestive tract.

Stage 2 Purgation and Colon Therapy – toxins are removed gently from the small intestine, liver, organs. Colon therapy brings about further cleansing removing toxins from deeper within the colon and the tissues.

Stage 3 Re-kindling the digestive fire, recovery and rejuvenation It is a wonderful treatment that leaves you feeling clearer, lighter, brighter and energized. Please note that vomiting and blood letting will not be done in our Panchakarma programme.

Duration : 7 days

Duration : 14 days

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The Slimming Package includes rigorous massages, prescribed diet, yoga and special internal medicines that will help to reduce body fat. The therapies are namely Udwartanam, Pizhichil using special decoction and Kizhis.


Our signature ritual of three days is carefully designed to pamper oneself, unwind and relax.

Day 1 — Rajakumari Ritual

The ritual constitutes cleaning of feet, face care and full body massage combined with Sirodhara and steam bath.

Feet are soaked and cleaned with natural body friendly cleansing agents for 15 minutes. The face is then cleansed and stimulated by special Ayurvedic face packs and massage techniques. This superior treatment is further enhanced by a full body massage simultaneously.

This is followed by a soothing and therapeutic treatment called Sirodhara. A stream of warm herbal oil is made to flow over the middle of the forehead for about 45 minutes accompanied by a gentle head massage. Steam bath follows. The treatment is profoundly relaxing and balancing to the entire nervous system, taking you into a deeply relaxed state. The ritual is completed with a refreshing drink in between and a snack at the end of the treatment.

Duration : 2hr 30 Min

Day 2 — Milk Ritual + Sirodhara

This is an oil free massage specifically created for those of you who wish to have a massage but don't like the feel of oil on your bodies.

The massage is done with a carefully prepared concoction of milk, saffron (kumkum), honey and camphor and the whole body is worked upon for an hour and a quarter. On completion of massage of each side of the body a stream of warm water is poured down the body, to remove any discomfort or stickiness.


Apart from being a natural moisturizer, deep cleanser and nourisher, milk and its derivates contain lactic acid, which is a natural exfoliant. The treatment of the body with milk, saffron, honey and camphor leaves the skin soft and glowing.

The anti-bacterial property of honey and saffron kills the bacteria on the skin, thereby rendering a thorough cleansing effect on the whole body.

Unlike the traditional Ayurvedic massage which employs long strokes with moderate pressure, the technique used here focuses on short and firm massage movements.

Though a time taking and laborious procedure, the treatment has a magical effect on the body.

Duration : 90 Min

Day 3 — Sandalwood Ritual + Sirodhara

The Sandalwood Ritual comprises of a similar oil free treatment of the body with a paste of sandalwood powder, honey, saffron and camphor.

Sandalwood Ritual comprises of a similar oil free treatment of the body with a paste of sandalwood powder, honey, saffron and camphor. Sandalwood paste is gently but firmly worked on to the skin with short firm strokes for around 75 minutes and washed off with streams of warm water, making for a delightful experience. The treatment has a lasting effect on the skin.


Sandalwood and its oil have been used by women in ancient times for its fragrance, curative and cosmetic properties. It was regularly used by royalty as part of their daily ceremonies and sacred rituals.

The sandalwood paste mixture has been known in ancient India as an excellent skin conditioner and protection against the harsh vagaries of the weather.

Duration : 90 Min

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