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Fort Ayurveda  at Hotel Fort House
2/6A Calvathy Road, Fort Cochin - 682001
Ph: 0484 -2217103 /2217173
Mob : 8714872744 / 9961772270

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Fort Ayurveda offers a range of programmes to rejuvenate and restore balance to the mind and body.The general health condition and body nature of individuals determine their specific treatment .This is determined by our doctor and may be different from person to person.

Apart from the packages listed here we offer tailor made treatments for different diseases like arthritis, sleeplessness etc. the treatments and duration shall be prescribed after consultation with the doctor.

We have used the Sanskrit Ayurvedic terms for the treatments mentioned below. The short glossary will help you to understand the treatments.

  • Abhyanga - Traditional full body massage
  • Kizhi - Herbal poultice / bolus massage
  • Lepam - application of herbal paste.
  • Nasyam – nasal infusion
  • Njavarakizhi - Rice bundle massage
  • Pichu - application of oil pack over affected area
  • Pizhichil - Medicated oil bath
  • Sirodhara - Rhythmic pouring of warm medicated oil on the forehead
  • Sirolepam - Application of herbal paste on the region of the head
  • Sirovasti - Retaining medicated oil on the head
  • Thakradhara - Rhythmic pouring of medicated buttermilk on the forehead
  • Udwartana - massage with herbal powder
  • Vasti - Medicated enema
  • Virechana – purgation